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CLP 1: 1963 "Collecting Paintings in China." Arts Magazine
CLP 2: 1963 "Post-mortem Symposium on Palace Museum Exhibition." transcript of an event I organized, the first grand get-together of Chinese painting specialists
CLP 4: 1978 "Awkwardness and Imagery in the Landscapes of Fa Jo-chen." Cleveland Art Museum
CLP 5: 1980 “Some Prolix and Commonsensical Remarks on Chinese Art Theory” Conference discussant paper York, Maine
CLP 6: 1982 "Some Chinese Bird-and-Flower Paintings in Chinese Collections." Lecture, Kyoto National Museum
CLP 7: 1983 "The Status of Writing in Asia." Conference discussant paper, College Art Association
CLP 8: 1985 "Opening Remarks" for College Art Assn. workshop on "New Directions in Chinese Art Studies."
CLP 9: 1985 "Phases and Modes in the Transmission of Ming-Ch'ing Painting Styles to Edo Period Japan."
CLP 12: 1989 "The 'Madness' in Bada Shanren's Paintings." published in Asian Cultural Studies (hard-to-find journal) no. 17, March 1989.
CLP 13: 1990 “Gardens in Chinese Painting.” Society for Asian Art, S.F
CLP 14: 1990 "Tang Yin and Wen Zhengming as Artist Types: A Reconsideration." Wumenpai Symposium, Palace Museum, Beijing
CLP 15: 1991 "Five Notable Figures in the Early Period of Chinese Painting Studies." College Art Assn. Appended are three pages of notes for inserts, filling out the paper to lecture-length (for delivery to Society for Asian Art, S.F
CLP 16: 1991 "Chang Ta-ch'ien's Forgeries of Old Master Paintings." Symposium, Sackler Museum, D.C
CLP 17: 1994 Commencement Address, Asian Studies, UCB,
CLP 18: 1994 “A Foreigner Looks at Pan Tianshou.” Pan Tianshou Symposium, Hangzhou
CLP 20 : 1995 Talk for Center for Chinese Studies, UCB
CLP 21: 1995 "Hsieh-i in the Che School? Some Thoughts on the Huai-an Tomb Paintings." A companion piece to my "Continuations of Ch'an Painting" CLP 91.
CLP 22: 1995 “Exploring the Zhi Garden in Zhang Hong’s Album.” Lecture LACMA
CLP 25, 1997 “Toward a Remapping of Chinese Painting.” Hume Lecture given at Yale University
CLP 26: 1997 "Foreign and Local Traditions in the Collecting of Chinese Paintings” Univ. of Oregon, Eugene Symposium
CLP 27: 1997 "The Japaneseness of Japanese Nanga Painting." Lecture, Seattle Art Museum
CLP 28: 1998 “Later Chinese Painting: Innovation After Progress Ends.” Lecture, Guggenheim Museum, NYC
CLP 29: 1998 "The Beauty's Face in Later Chinese Painting." Lecture at Univ. of Chicago
CLP 30: 1999 “Is There a Chinese Equivalent to Ukiyo’e?” Lecture, Columbia U
CLP 31: 1999 Discussant paper for session on "Visual Dimensions of Chinese Culture"
CLP 32: 1999 "Something Borrowed, Something New: Cross-cultural Transmission and Innovation in East Asian Painting." Lecture, Japan House, New York
CLP 33: 1999 "Chang Dai-chien in California." Symposium, San Francisco State Univ.
CLP 34: 1999 "Some Thoughts on the History and Post-history of Chinese Painting." Haley Lecture, Princeton
CLP CLP 35 : 1999 "The Case Against The Riverbank: An Indictment in Fourteen Counts." Symposium, Met. Museum, NYC
CLP 36 1999 "Afterword" (to the published "Riverbank" paper)
CLP 37: 2000 "Painted Illustrations for Jin Ping Mei and Chinese Erotic Albums." Assoc. for Asian Studies, San Diego
CLP 38: 2000 "How the Chinese Conquered Space (in Painting) and Lost and Found it Again." Talk for US-China Business Council dinner in support of "Culture and Civilization of China" project, New York
CLP 40: 2000 "In Praise of Archives." Talk given at fundraising dinner, New York
CLP 41: 2001 "Two Palace Museums: An Informal Account of Their Formation and History." Kaikodo Journal XIX, 2001
CLP 42: 2001 "The Problem of Value in 17th Century Chinese Painting."
CLP 43: 2001 Lecture given at U. C. Irvine on “Alterity”
CLP 44: 2001 Lecture given at Univ. of Pennsylvania
CLP 45: 2001 "Chinese Art and Authenticity." Asian Art Museum, S.F Paper for mtg. of American Academy of Arts and Sciences published in their Bulletin, vol. IV no. 1, Fall 2001
CLP 46: 2001 "China's Relations with Korea and Japan in Art." Lecture for NYU conference
CLP 47: 2001 "Uses of Sketches by Chinese Painters." Paper for conference on "Sketches and Creativity,"
CLP 48: 2001 "Types of Value in 17th Century Chinese Painting." Lecture, Taiwan Nat'l U., Taipei
CLP 50: 2002 “Erotic Painting in China.” published in German trans. In Liebeskunst und Liebeslied in der Weltkunst (Zurich, Museum Rietberg, 2002)
CLP 53: 2002 "Riverbank as a Chang Dai-chien Forgery." published in Japanese in Geijutsu Shincho, May 2002.
CLP 54: 2002 Discussant paper for session on Methodology in "Conference on the History of Painting in East Asia," Taipei
CLP 55: 2002 “The Place of the Secret Spring Album in Chinese Erotic Painting.” Lecture, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
CLP 59: 2004 Respondent Paper for Distinguished Scholar session honoring me on the subject of “Decentered, Polycentric, and Counter-Canons in Chinese Painting.” Seattle
CLP 60: 2004 “Eccentrics, Court Painters, and Professionals in 18th Century China.” Lecture, Berkeley Art Museum
CLP 61: 2004 Brief talk given at New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden Society
CLP 62: 2004 “Representations of Gardens in Chinese Painting.” Asia Society, New York
CLP 63: 1968 “Away from a Definition of Yuan Painting.” Yuan art Symposium, Cleveland Art Museum
CLP 64: 1976 “Life Patterns and Stylistic Directions: T’ang Yin and Wen Cheng-ming as Types.” Wen Cheng-ming symposium Ann Arbor
CLP 64: 1976
CLP 65: 1977 Go Shôseki, Sai Hakuseki (Wu Changshi, Qi Baishi.) published in Japanese in the Bunjinga Suihen volume on 19th-20th cent.
CLP 69: 1983 “Confucian Aspects of Edo Art.” Lecture, LACMA
CLP 70: 1986 “Chinese Landscape Painting: Content, Context, and Style.” CAA session, New York
CLP 71: 1986 “Some Observations on the Practice and Problems of Art History in China.” Unpublished paper written after spending several months in China
CLP 74: 1989
CLP 75: 1991
CLP 76: 1991 Letter to Judith Smith, after the Tung Ch’I-ch’ang symposium, includes my discussant’s remarks, including the description of the imagined “Tung Ch’I-ch’ang, the Theme Park”
CLP 77: 1994 “A Neglected Current in Middle Ch’ing Painting: Works in the Semi-westernized Academic Mode by Urban Professional Artists.” Lecture, Phoenix, Arizona, and Norwich, England
CLP 79: 1995 “Nanga Artists Within Nihonga,” Nihonga Symposium, St. Louis Art Museum
CLP 81: 2002 “Passages of Felt Life: A Genre Shift in Ming-Qing Figure Painting.” (Or: “Paintings Done for Women in Ming-Qing China?”) Christensen Lecture, Stanford
CLP 82: 2005 “Chinese Paintings: The Realities Behind the Ideals.” Lecture for Vancouver Institute, UBC
CLP 83: 2005 “Themes of Service and Reclusion in Chinese Painting.” Lecture, Berkeley Art Museum
CLP 84: 2005 "Late Paintings of Women in the Univ. of Michigan Museum of Art: Asking New Questions." Symposium, Seattle Art Museum
CLP 85: 2005 “Issues in Sino-Japanese Artistic Exchange.” Workshop on Sino-Japanese Artistic Exchanges Ohio State U
CLP 87
CLP 87: 1983 “Types of Text-Object Relationships in Chinese Art.” Keynote address for XXXI International Congress of Human Sciences in Asia and Africa, Tokyo-Kyoto
CLP 88: 1984 “On the Album of Scenes of Huangshan Attributed to Hongren.” “Huangshan School” symposium Hefei
CLP 89: 1985 “On the Album of Scenes of Huangshan Attributed to Hongren.” for publication (in Chinese) in Duoyun (Flowery Cloud)
CLP 92: 1993 "Mountains and the Cultures of Landscape in China," Discussant paper U. C. Santa Barbara
CLP 91: 1992
CLP 93
CLP 95: 1963 (Follow-up to “The Contemporary Relevance of Chinese Painting,” CLP 132.)
CLP 97: 1979 “Painting in the PRC.”
CLP 98: 1987 “The Insides and Outsides of Recent Chinese Painting.” Lecture, Mills College, Oakland
CLP 99: 1988 “Styles and Methods in the Painting of Wu Guanzhong.” Co-authored with Hsingyuan Tsao
CLP 101: 1985 “Excellence in Chinese Painting.” Lecture, Boston Museum of Fine Arts
CLP 102: 1989 “Adjusting Our Image of the Chinese Painter.” Lecture, U. Chicago
CLP 103: 1990
CLP 104: 1990 “On the Periodization of Later Chinese Painting: The Early to Middle Ch’ing (K’ang-his-to-Ch’ien-lung) Transition.” Taniguchi symposium, Kyoto
CLP 105: 1990 “A Functional Approach to Chinese Landscape Painting.” Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
CLP 108: 1992 “The Place of the Artist in Chinese Society.” Lecture, Las Vegas and Elko
CLP 109: 1992 Lecture on Dong Qichang, Met. Museum, October
CLP 112: 1993 “Passing On the Torch.” Talk for “celebration” of three elder scholars in Japanese art history
CLP 113: 1993
CLP 114: 1994
CLP 115: 1995 “Huangshan in Modern Chinese Painting.” Preface, reproductions of paintings of Huangshan by recent and contemporary Chinese artists
CLP 117: 2005 “The Place of the National Palace Museum in My Scholarly Career.” published in National Palace Museun Monthly (Gugong Wenwu), special issue commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Museum.
CLP 118: 1990 “Notes on the Painter’s Practice in China.” Trinity College in San Antonio, Texas
CLP 119 1999
CLP 120: 1995 “Two Snowy Peaks Viewed from Afar: Some Chinese Thoughts on Sesshu and Sesson.” CLP 120: 1995 “Two Snowy Peaks Viewed from Afar: Some Chinese Thoughts on Sesshu and Sesson.”
CLP 123: 1996 “A Late Period for C. C. Wang.” Brief tribute published in C. C. Wang(S.F., Asian Art Museum, 1996) 93-94.
CLP 137: 1983 “The New Chinese Painting: Out of the Dark.”
CLP 148
CLP 151
CLP 151: 1972 “The Problem of Value in Nanga Painting.” Asia House Gallery, NY
CLP 155: 2006 "Wen Fong and Me." Symposium honoring Wen Fong Princeton
CLP 156: 2001 "China's Relations with Korea and Japan in Art." Keynote lecture for conference "The Arts of China, Japan, and Korea: Influence, Confluence, and Divergence," New York University
CLP 157: 2006 "The Pleasures of EAL: An Art Historian's Recollections." Talk for fund-raiser for East Asian Library, U. C. Berkeley
CLP 158: 2006 "Chinese Erotic Paintings in the Bertholet Coillection." Published in French as "Les peintures érotiques chinoises de la collection Bertholet." In: Le Palais du printemps: Peintures érotiques de Chine., exhib. cat. (Paris, Musée Cernuschi, 2
CLP 159: 2002 "Erotic Painting in China." published in German as "Erotische Malerei in China" (Erotic Painting in China), in Liebeskunst: Liebeslust und Liebeslied in der Weltkunst (Zurich: Museum Rietberg, 2002), pp. 201-215.
CLP 160: 2005 "Anthology Notes": notes on papers I've written for anthology to be published in Chinese.
CLP 161: 2005CLP 161: Notes on Bada Shanren exhibition held at Nanchang in 1986
CLP 162: 1989 Instructions (handout) for "Painter's Practice" seminar: working methods, potential sources
CLP 163: 1992 "Rules and Suggestions for Term Papers." Handout for lecture class
CLP 164: 1990s Chang Feng, Hu Yukun. K'un-ts'an (last unfinished). Drafts written for (unfinished) early Qing book.
CLP 165: 1992 Syllabus etc. for undergrad seminar on "Gardens in Chinese Ptg." Slide-show, list of gardens, biblio.
CLP 166: 2004-5 Lectures given where "Mists and Clouds" exhibition of my family collection was being shown: U. Wisconsin
CLP 167: 2006 "A Group of Anonymous Northern Figure Paintings from the Qianlong Period." Paper for Wen Fong Festschrift, unpublished.
CLP 168: 1989 "Gong Xian's Early Styles." Paper for Nanjing symposium, Incomplete.
CLP 169: 198? China-to-Japan in Edo Period Ptg and Prints (Intended as preparation for exhibition that was never realized.)
CLP 170: 1995 New prefaces for Chinese readers for Parting and Distant Mts., to be included in Chinese-language versions
CLP 171: 1989 "Chinese Painting, the Court, and the Imperial Power.” Lecture, Ohio State U
CLP 172: 2000 “Seeing Paintings in Hong Kong” Kaikodo Journal XVIII, 2000, pp. 20-25.
CLP 173: "Eccentrics, Court Painters, and Professionals in 18th Cent. China." Berkeley lecture
CLP 174: "Good Grief, Not the Six Laws Again!" written for publication in Kaikodo Journal, but for complicated reasons not published there.
CLP 175: 1990 "The Paintings of Yang Yanping." exhibition catalog of her works, and printed in Hsiung-shih mei-shu #238, Dec. 1990.
CLP 176: 2005 "Visual, Verbal, and Global (?): Some Observations on Chinese Painting Studies." Symposium, University of Maryland
CLP 177: 2007 Lecture given at Berkeley Art Museum, April 27, 2007. in connection with the exhibition "Honoring a Tradition, Honoring a Teacher: A Tribute to James Cahill"
CLP 178: 2007 Talk given at end of "Returning to the Shore" symposium
CLP 180: 1977? Letter to Svetlana Alpers, in response to her sending me her 1977-published article "Is Art History?"
CLP 181 1992
CLP 183: 1982 Introductory remarks to seminar, January 1982. Addendum to "The Barnhart-Cahill-Rogers Correspondence," see CLP 182
CLP 184: 1982 "The Five Faults in Chinese Painting Studies." Written with facetious intent, but also serious in their message, and taken as that by colleagues—Kiyo Munakata, for one, wrote me his own "Five Faults," contending with mine.
CLP 186: 1985 Seminar handout (slide list) for seminar on "Political Themes in Chinese Painting."
CLP 187: 2008 Patterns of Interchange in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Painting. "Keynote" talk for symposium "Beyond Boundaries: An International Symposium on Chinese and Korean Painting," Seoul, Korea
CLP 188: 2005 “Pictorial Integrity: The Readable Image as Indicator of Authenticity in Chinese Painting”
CLP 189: 1990 "Essay for Ming-Qing Catalog 2." A follow-up exhibition was planned to the 1989 Masterworks of Ming and Qing Painting From the Forbidden City, unpublished.
CLP 190: 1980
CLP 191: 1994 "Discussant's Remarks," symposium honoring my retirement, May 1994, featuring papers by four of my former students.
CLP 192: 1988 "Tessai in Foreign Eyes." Brief essay written, probably at the Temple's request
CLP 193: 1962
CLP 194: 1982 “Liang Kai, ‘Sôgenga,’ and Chan Painting.” Lectures, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
CLP 195: 1975 Review of Jack Hillier, The Uninhibited Brush: Japanese Art in the Shijô Style (London, 1974.)
CLP 196: 1994 Speeches made by James Cahill during the symposium “New Understandings of Ming-Qing Painting,”
CLP 197 (2011): Early Chinese Paintings in Japan: An Outsider’s View
CLP 199 Early Chinese Paintings in U.S. Museums: An Insider’s View

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