Responses & Reminiscences

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1.Short Biography
2.Music A
3.Music B
5.Palace Museum Photographing, Exhibition, Post-mortem Symposium
6.My Studio Name, Ching Yuan Chai
8.Beginnings Of Collecting
9.Angry Response To Talk In Shanghai
10.Favorite Novelists
11.Norton Lectures And Harvard
12.Susanne Langer And Art Theory
13.Leaving Freer, Move To Berkeley
14.Early Western Collecting Of Chinese Paintings
15.Kawai Senrô, Nishikawa Nei
16.Tessai And The "No. School/So. School" Problem
17.On Artistic Quality
18.Meeting Karlgren, Introduced By Siren
19.Discovering Mizoguchi (and Movies)
20.Poetic Painting
21.Albert Skira And Chinese Painting
22.Nelson Wu
23.Wai-kam Ho
24.Fellowship At The Met 1953-54
25.Working For Sirén
26.Journey Home, Stockholm To D.C.
27.Some Things I Learned From Alpers And Baxandall
28.Koyama Fujio
29.Japanese Dealers
30.Missed Dylan Thomas
31.Growing Up Without Cultural Advantages
32.What Became Of The Contag Collection
33.Climbing Pukshan
34.Taking Chinese Paintings From Japan
35.The Great Buson Caper
36.Brundage Opening Symposium: Last Day
37.More On Avery Brundage
38. Viewing The Qingminu Scroll
39. Alan Priest And C. T. Loo
40. C. T. Loo And Chinese Paintings
41. Chiang Er-shih
42. Climbing Hieizan
43. An Alan Priest Story
44. Kawabata Yasunari
45. My Day With Ross Perotw
46. What I Learned From Alpers, II
47. Chinese Ptg Collotype Reproduction Books
48. Aschwin Lippe
49. Music In Korea
50. My Partly-Botched Nanga Exhibition
51. Two Admonitory Notes On Chinese Painting Texts
52. Tessai, The Temple, And Three Bishops
53. How The Train Scroll Came Into Being
54. Ed Schafer And Three Chopin Barcarolles
55. Sôgenga: A Modest Exhibition, An Opportunity Missed
56. Dealers Who Don't Get Credit
57. A Day At Creeds
58. Altering Chinese Paintings; Walter Hochstadter
59. Two Famous Collector-Donors Whom I Didn't Like
60. Novelty And Romancement, Or, Less Bread, More Taxes!
61. On Compelling Titles And Bad Word Usage
62. A Collector I Did Like, And Why
63. On Useless Projects And Elaborate Pranks
64. Forbidden Words, Unfunny And Funny Movies
65. Doing Dumb Things And Calling It Art Is OVER!
66. Photolithographic Reproduction: A Ponderous Lead-up To A Sad Story
67. Ask Old People Things While They Still Can Answer!
68. Theodore Francis Green As A Collector Of Chinese Paintings
69. An Event Suspended Between Two Stories
70. Leonardo Olschki And Oriental Languages At Berkeley
71. Marrying Ray Schwartz
72. One Mag, Three Memories
73. Respecting China
74. Rokushô-yake: Green Pigment Burns Silk
75. Joseph Levenson's Role In My Development As A Scholar And Writer
76, Sir Ernst Gombrich As A Good Person
77. Remembering The Shih-t'ao Fund
78. A Somewhat Spurious Classic
79. Nancy Wilson Ross, Stanley Young, A Book And A Song
80. Stephen Green In My Life
81. Thoughts On The Death Of Salinger
82. Bill Crofut And Alistair Reid
83, A Miscellany Of Short Ones
84. This Is Humanities?!
85. My Stock Of Old Jokes
86. Thoughts On Kurosawa
87. Haven's Neck
88. Christopher Morley
88: Bob McKinney, A Hermit in Fort Bragg
89: Nick & the Blowhole: A Magical Moment
90. Memories of the S.F. Symphony (and Other Musical Events)

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