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3/24/11 So, now you see it: the new, more beautiful, much improved website. I am much indebted to my research assistant Barry Magrill for urging me to do this, and for overseeing the reworking, done by an expert website designer under Barry’s direction. A lot more pieces of writing, some of them illustrated with large numbers of images, will be added in the near future.

Meanwhile, my great project of recent years, the video-lecture series A Pure and Remote View: Visualizing Early Chinese Landscape Painting, is at last being posted, for free viewing by anybody, on the website of our sponsoring organization, the Institute of East Asian Studies at U. C. Berkeley: go to

Their presentation on that site still (as of 3/24/11) needs more work—wrong images, too-low resolution, too-small pictures—but that will be fixed soon. Meanwhile, and also later, the lectures can also be accessed from the present website. The first seven lectures, each an hour or two long and carrying us through the Five Dynasties period, are already up for viewing, and two more, about the Northern Song period, will be posted soon. The remaining lectures, which will treat painting of the Southern Song period, especially of the Song Academy, as well as Chan (Zen) painting of the late Song, will be finished and up within a few months. Altogether, there will be thirty-something hours of me talking and showing several thousand images, including lots of close-in details. We expect later to issue the lectures on disks, perhaps both DVD and Blu-ray, to make them available with higher-resolution images for those who will use them for serious study. If you think you would like to order these sets of disks in future, let Kate Chouta know: write her at IEAS,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For those of you going to the forthcoming meetings of the Association of Asian Studies in Honolulu: A special workshop will be devoted to this project; it will be held on Thursday, March 31st, 12:30 to 2:30 PM, in Room 303A, as Session 124. I myself will chair it, and speak about the project; my collaborator Rand Chatterjee will also be there to speak, along with the two IEAS people who have specially worked on it, Caverlee Cary and Kate Chouta, and my esteemed younger colleagues Hong Zaixin and Jennifer Purtle. Try to come.

Much more will follow before long; that’s all for now.


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